Leader in Medicine 1990's

Surgeons, October 1990

Sketch of Dr. Woolley, October 1990


Mort in Tokyo, March 23 1990              Mort with patients in South America

Mort with the Doctors of the Los Angeles Children's Hospital, January 1991

Mort in Hong Kong May 1991

7th Annual Asian Congress of Pediatrics

Mort with his Skeleton March 21, 1991          Mort receiving Alumnus of the Year Award

Alumnus of the Year Award, February 27 1991


Mort and Doctors, October and November 1992


Mort in scrubs October 27 1992          Mort in Austria, November 11 1992

Mort with Patient in Sendal Japan, May 1992



Mort at the Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons, May 1992







Mort with Aadreij Pinter, Hungry August 26 1993



Mort with an Actor                                                       Mort with a patient

Mort at a Lecture

Mort and the Board

American Board of Surgery

Santa and a baby