Medicine: Through the 70's




             Greg                     M.D.     Robert E gross, MD.                          George T. Harding                  


   Luther Longino, M.D.  May 12, 1975                           Irving  Fields, M.D.


              Eugene Joergensen, M.D.                            William H Snyder, December 31, 1968

Mort as a sophmore at the College of Medical Evangelists, 1946

Tom Holder, Mort, Bob Allen, Robert Gross




Mort with residents Hossein Mahour and Abe Mares

August 1949, Mort and Dr. Pedro Daniel Martinez in Mexico



Jane and Mort, March 1965 Loma Linda University Alumni Association

President Morton M. Woolley, M.D.


National Board of Medical Examiners, July 18 1951

Medical Degree, College of Medical Evangelist 1951

Resident in Surgery at Boston Children's Hospital, June  30, 1959

Alpha, Omega, Alpha Medical Society, 1965

Robert Filler, Mort, and Robert Allen, April 1971

Honorary Texas State Citizen, September 20, 1974

Texas Pediatric Society, September 20, 1974

Professor of Medicine in Mexico, 1974

 Lou and Marguerite Smith, January 1976                               Jane, Mort and friends, January 1977

Surgical Multi-Specialties Group November 1977

Los Angeles Surgical Society, 1979